Invitation to Tender – «Umantemplokomunergo»

Invitation to Tender – «Umantemplokomunergo»

Procurement ref: “Boiler House Rehabilitation at 26 Sadovaya street, Uman, Cherkasy oblast”.
Country: Ukraine
Funding sources: Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Issue date: 2019-04-24
Deadline for tenderers’ confirmation of participation: 2019-05-08
Tenderers site visit: 2019-05-13
Deadline for request for clarifications: 2019-05-16
Tender Submission Deadline: 2019-05-28, 12.00 local time
Tender Opening: 2019-05-28, 12.00 local time

This Invitation to Tender follows the General information about procurement under DemoUkrainaDH, available on

Address: 20300 Cherkasy region. Uman, 12A Tyshchyka Str.
Reg. no: 02082675
The project organisation during the tender period will consist of employees from the Purchaser assisted by consultants from ÅF-Industry AB, Sweden including the local consultant SEC Biomass, Ukraine.

The Purchaser wishes to rehabilitate and modernise one of the micro district heating systems in Uman at 26 Sadova Str. The project includes transformation of an existing CHS into a boiler house with a pellet boiler and two gas boilers, which is the subject of this tender. The main part of the Scope of Supply is:
1. One (1) 1.5 MW biomass (pellets) boiler with fuel storage
2. Two (2) natural gas boilers of 1.5 MW each with burners and other accessories
3. Two (2) distribution pump units with accessories
4. Two (2) feed pumps units with accessories
5. Water treatment equipment
6. Remote control system
7. Energy accounting system
8. All required auxiliary systems and equipment
Tendering and Contracting Procedures:
The Purchaser intends using proceeds of a loan from Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and a grant from Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), administered by NEFCO, for eligible payments under the contract for which this tender is made.
The Purchaser now invites sealed tenders from contractors for the following contract to be funded from part of the proceeds of the loan and the grant.
The contract will be a Supply and Install contract based on Orgalime SI 14 comprising: detailed design, delivery, installation, commissioning, issuing of necessary documents, approval of equipment in operation by the Purchaser and Ukrainian authorities to a fully operational state within the delivery limit(s). The project implementation period is 15 June – 15 October 2019 for the boiler house with gas boilers and until 15 February 2020 for the pellets boiler with intended commissioning of the boiler house with gas boilers at the start of the heating season 2019/20.
The tendering procedure and the contract will be subject to NEFCO’s Procurement Guidelines, which follow internationally recognised practices applied by International Financial Institutions (IFIs). The tender is open to firms from any country, provided that the firm is not ineligible or prohibited from tendering under national or international law or are subject to sanctions imposed by the European Union or the United Nations Security Council. The tenderer and offered facilities must comply with the following qualification criteria, further detailed in the Instruction to Tenderers and the Technical Conditions.:
• Average turnover at least 1 million € during the last three years
• At least 4 performed projects during the last 2 years of comparable size and complexity in the District Heating sector.
• To have an available service organisation in Ukraine at least from the start of the defects liability period.
The tender evaluation will in addition to the tender price include assessment of the offered plant and equipment and compliance with the DemoUkraineDH objectives as a demonstration project.
Contact person:
Request the complete tender dossier from the Purchaser at the following address:
Kravchuk Valery Evgenievich

The tender dossier will be delivered by e-mail only. User-ID and password to the section For Tenderers at the DemoUkrainaDH website,, will be provided together with the tender dossier.

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